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Work-related injuries in Canadian occupational therapy practice
BACKGROUND : No studies investigate work-related injuries experienced by Canadian occupational therapists. PURPOSE : To identify the nature and prevalence of work-related injuries, impact of practice context, cultural and structural factors that influence response to these injuries, and strategies used to manage return-to-work after injury. METHODS : Members of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists were sent an electronic survey in June 2009. FINDINGS: Over half of the 600 respondents reported at least one injury episode. Patient-handling and equipment-related incidents accounted...
The Practical Application of Theory and Research for Preventing Work Disability: A New Paradigm for Occupational Rehabilitation Services in China?
Introduction Several studies have been conducted in the West showing that return to work (RTW) coordination is a key element to facilitate RTW of injured workers and to prevent work disabilities. However, no study has been carried out to investigate the scope of RTW activities in China. The purpose of this study was to explore the views of key RTW stakeholders on necessary activities for RTW coordination. Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted in Guangdong province of China. A three-tiered approach including focus group discussions and panel reviews was used to collect RTW activities, analyze...

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