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Work Disability Management Communication Bottlenecks Within Large and Complex Public Service Organizations: A Sociotechnical Systems Study
Purpose Within large and complex organizations work disability (WD) communication bottlenecks emerge and contribute to avoidable disability days. Our study utilized soft systems methods to better understand communication problems in WD management. Methods Semi-structured interviews were conducted with disability case managers (n = 10), frontline supervisors (n = 15) and human resource/labor relations specialists (n = 5) within three public service organizations. Interview questions asked about organizational WD system structure and communication practices...
Communication style: help or hindrance in facilitating return to work?
Williams (2011). Communication style: help or hindrance in facilitating return to work? Occupational Medicine , 61 (6): 380-382. (Éditorial) Extraits: Bandura's theory states that ‘Perceived self-efficacy refers to beliefs in one's capabilities to organise and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments. It is a useful concept that has attracted significant attention with regard to unemployed people but its application to return from sick leave has been little researched (...) It is known that the longer people who have chronic health problems are absent...

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