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An Intervention Bundle to Facilitate Return to Work for Burn-Injured Workers
Report From a Burn Model System Investigation Rates of return to work (RTW) after burn injury vary. A 2012 systematic review of the burn literature reported that nearly 28% of all adult burn survivors never return to any form of employment. These authors called for interventions designed to assist survivors' ability to function in an employed capacity. In 2010, our burn center outpatient clinic instituted an intervention aimed to return injured workers to employment within 90 days of their insurance claims. The interventions include patient/family education focused on recovery rather than disability...
Work-related injuries in Canadian occupational therapy practice
BACKGROUND : No studies investigate work-related injuries experienced by Canadian occupational therapists. PURPOSE : To identify the nature and prevalence of work-related injuries, impact of practice context, cultural and structural factors that influence response to these injuries, and strategies used to manage return-to-work after injury. METHODS : Members of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists were sent an electronic survey in June 2009. FINDINGS: Over half of the 600 respondents reported at least one injury episode. Patient-handling and equipment-related incidents accounted...
Return to work following disabling occupational injury – facilitators of employment continuation
Return to work following occupational injury is an important rehabilitation milestone; however, it does not mark the end of the return-to-work process. Following a return to the workplace, workers can experience difficulties that compromise their rehabilitation gains. Although there has been investigation of factors related to a return to the workplace, little attention has been paid to understanding what facilitates continued return-to-work success as this paper aims to do. Methods This study used data gathered during one-on-one telephone interviews with 146 people who experienced a work-related...

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