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Predicting return to work following treatment of chronic pain disorder
Background : The care of injured workers with chronic pain remains an important public health issue given its increasing prevalence. The consequences often include loss of self-esteem and stress in family relationships. Aims: To report our interdisciplinary approach to the care of chronic pain disorder (CPD) and describe the predictors associated with a successful return to work (RTW). Methods : Relevant covariates, including demographic data, time from injury, and functional scores were recorded for clients injured at work in Ontario, Canada. Our primary outcome, RTW, was assessed at 3 months...
Évolution comparée de la douleur et du statut de travail à la suite d’un programme de réadaptation pour des travailleurs ayant des troubles musculo-squelettiques
Les troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) touchent chaque année plus de 45 000 travailleurs québécois dans tous les secteurs d’activité. Dans un modèle de représentation biopsychosocial des TMS, la question des croyances des principaux acteurs sociaux à propos de l’incapacité et la douleur est fondamentale pour le processus de réadaptation. Plusieurs intervenants de la santé, employeur ou assureur, croient que l’employé ne doit pas se présenter au travail avant d’être complètement...
Early Intervention Options for Acute Low Back Pain Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial with One-Year Follow-Up Outcomes
In an earlier study, Gatchel et al. (J Occup Rehabil 13:1–9, 2003) demonstrated that participants at high risk for developing chronic low back pain disability (CLBPD), who received a biopsychosocial early intervention treatment program, displayed significantly more symptom improvement, as well as cost savings, relative to participants receiving standard care. The purpose of the present study was to expand on these results by examining whether the addition of a work-transition component would further strengthen the effectiveness of this early intervention treatment. Methods Using an existing...
A systematic review of multidisciplinary outcomes in the management of chronic low back pain
Objective: Previous research has provided an inconsistent message as to the effectiveness of multidisciplinary programs to improve employment outcomes in clients with Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP). The primary aims of this review were to: 1) update the evidence for the multidisciplinary treatment of CLBP to improve employment outcomes 2) assess what knowledge supports occupational therapy as contributing to a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of CLBP. Participants: Working-age adults experiencing CLBP who took part in controlled trials evaluating multidisciplinary programs between July...
A Biopsychosocial Perspective on the Management of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
This article provides an overview of current literature about workplace-related musculoskeletal disorders from a biopsychosocial perspective. The authors conclude that disability management and early intervention efforts can only be meaningful within the context of targeted interventions, including mechanisms for psychosocial screening. In addition, they suggest that return to work should be considered an integral, rather than superficial, contribution to the rehabilitative process. Source:
British pain clinic practitioners' recognition and use of the bio-psychosocial pain management model for patients when physical interventions are ineffective or inappropriate: results of a qualitative study
Background : To explore how chronic musculoskeletal pain is managed in multidisciplinary pain clinics for patients for whom physical interventions are inappropriate or ineffective. Methods: A qualitative study was undertaken using semi-structured interviews with twenty five members of the pain management team drawn from seven pain clinics and one pain management unit located across the UK. Results : All clinics reported using a multidisciplinary bio-psychosocial model. However the chronic pain management strategy actually focussed on psychological approaches in preference to physical approaches...

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