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Effect of the Danish return-to-work program on long-term sickness absence
Results from a randomized controlled trial in three municipalities Objectives : The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the Danish return-to-work (RTW) program on long-term sickness absence in a randomized controlled trial in three municipalities. Methods : The intervention group comprised 1948 participants while the control group comprised 1157 participant receiving ordinary sickness benefit management (OSM). Study participants were working-age adults receiving long-term (≥8 weeks or more) benefits, included regardless of reason for sickness absence or employment status. Each beneficiary...
Effectiveness of a Targeted Occupational Health Intervention in Workers with High Risk of Sickness Absence: Baseline Characteristics and Adherence as Effect Modifying Factors in a Randomized Controlled Trial
In a recently published randomized controlled trial (RCT), a targeted occupational health (OH) intervention was found effective in an intention-to-treat analysis in controlling sickness absence among workers with high risk of sickness absence, compared to usual care. We performed an exploratory subgroup analysis in order to detect possible effect modifiers and mediators. Methods Age, gender, working status, severity of physical impairment, depression score, self-rated working ability, co-morbidity, and sickness absence characteristics in the previous 12 months were identified as potential effect...
Cost effectiveness of two rehabilitation programmes for neck and back pain patients: A seven year follow-up
The cost effectiveness of work-oriented rehabilitation for persons on long-term sick leave needs to be assessed. This prospective observational study presents a follow-up seven years after rehabilitation using two different evidence-based work-oriented regimens. Individuals on sick leave for neck and back pain were referred to two rehabilitation programmes in Sweden. The first programme was a relatively low-intensity programme based on orthopaedic manual therapy and exercise programme (OMTP). The second programme was a full-time multidisciplinary programme (MDP). The primary outcome was sickness...

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