Systematic Reviews for Informing Rehabilitation Practice

An Introduction
The research literature that rehabilitation clinicians need to be familiar with has become too large for anyone to read, and numerous published studies are too complex for many practitioners to understand and fruitfully use. One method to keep up with new findings is through systematic reviews. Systematic reviews can be effective tools that help guide rehabilitation practice by identifying the best research that provides the evidence for enhanced clinical decision-making. This article describes how systematic reviews are created, indicates where rehabilitation clinicians may find them, and refers to a resource that may be of use in evaluating their quality and applicability.

Source : Dijkers MP, Bushnik T, Heinemann AW, Heller T, Libin AV, Starks J, Sherer M, Vandergoot D. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Volume 93, Issue 5, May 2012, Pages 912–918.

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