IWH research helps shape new work integration initiative

In November 2010, Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board introduced the new Work Reintegration Program. Many of its features address problems with the old vocational rehabilitation program that were described by Institute for Work & Health research.

By 2009, Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) was certainly getting the message that its vocational rehabilitation program for injured workers, called Labour Market Re-entry (LMR), was not working as intended. Although bad press and a value-for-money audit drove the point home, evidence from a research project started two years earlier also indicated problems were afoot.

That research was led by Institute for Work & Health (IWH) Scientist Dr. Ellen MacEachen. Although the results of the research are just now being published, they played an important role in shaping the WSIB's new Work Reintegration Program, introduced in November 2010. The program, which integrates return to work and vocational rehabilitation, addresses many of the problems described by MacEachen's research.

Source : http://www.iwh.on.ca/at-work/67/IWH-research-helps-shape-new-work-integration-initiative

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