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Étude sur le vieillissement, la dégradation et la durée de vie des équipements de protection contre les chutes - cordes d’assurance
Ce projet porte sur l'effet des expositions prolongées aux intempéries sur les propriétés de certaines cordes d'assurance verticales, notamment sur leur résistance mécanique. Sept types de cordes ont été étudiés : kernmantle, multiline, polyamide, polyester, polyéthylène, polypropylène et polysteelMD. Les cordes ont été soumises au vieillissement accéléré en chambre environnementale en laboratoire et au vieillissement naturel statique (soleil et intempéries...
Efficacy of a rubber outsole with a hybrid surface pattern for preventing slips on icy surfaces
Conventional winter-safety footwear devices, such as crampons, can be effective in preventing slips on icy surfaces but the protruding studs can lead to other problems such as trips. A new hybrid (rough and smooth) rubber outsole was designed to provide high slip resistance without use of protruding studs or asperities. In the present study, we examined the slip resistance of the hybrid rubber outsole on both dry (-10 °C) and wet (0 °C) icy surfaces, in comparison to three conventional strap-on winter anti-slip devices: 1) metal coils ("Yaktrax Walker"), 2) gritted (sandpaper...
Duration of slip-resistant shoe usage and the rate of slipping in limited-service restaurants
Results from a prospective and crossover study Several studies have indicated that slip-resistant shoes may have a positive effect on reducing the risk of slips and falls, a leading cause of injury at work. Few studies, however, have examined how duration of shoe usage affects their slip-resistance properties. This study examined the association between the duration of slip-resistant shoes usage and the self-reported rate of slipping in limited-service restaurant workers. A total of 475 workers from 36 limited-service restaurants in the USA were recruited to participate in a 12-week prospective...
Development of a High Slip-resistant Footwear Outsole Using a Hybrid Rubber Surface Pattern
The present study examined whether a new footwear outsole with tread blocks and a hybrid rubber surface pattern, composed of rough and smooth surfaces, could increase slip resistance and reduce the risk of fall while walking on a wet floor surface. A drag test was performed to measure static and dynamic coefficient of friction (SCOF and DCOF, respectively) values for the footwear with the hybrid rubber sufrace pattern outosole and two types of commercially available boots that are conventionally used in food factories and restaurant kitchens with respect to a stainless steel floor covered with...
Slip-related characterization of gait kinetics
Investigation of pervious concrete as a slip-resistant walking surface Slip-related falls are a significant health problem, particularly on icy walking surfaces. Pervious concrete, a material allowing rapid exfiltration of melted ice from the walking surface, may help reduce slipping risk. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare slipping characteristics of traditional and pervious concrete walking surfaces in icy conditions using kinetic biomechanical analyses. We hypothesized that pervious concrete, in comparison to traditional concrete, would be characterized by less severe ice-related...

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