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Échafaudages - Type : cadres métalliques
Cette brochure expose les techniques les plus connues et décrit les équipements utilisés pour les appliquer. Il vise à fournir aux intervenants du secteur de la construction des renseignements complémentaires à la réglementation pour leur permettre d’ériger des échafaudages sur cadres métalliques sécuritaires. Source:
Équipements de travail pour l'exécution de travaux en hauteur
Ce dossier a pour objectif d'expliquer les consignes d'utilisation des différents équipements de travail et de protection pour les travaux en hauteur. Nous donnerons également un aperçu des moyens disponibles avec une brève description des applications et des éventuels aspects de sécurité spécifiques. L'utilisation des échelles, des différents types d'échafaudages, des élévateurs à ciseaux, d'autres types d'élévateurs ainsi que l'utilisation d'une...
Prevention of falls to a lower level
Evaluation of an occupational health and safety intervention via subsidies for the replacement of scaffolding The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of a subsidy policy for construction companies in Andalusia (Spain), which enables them to acquire new scaffolds. The rate of falls from scaffolds within the Andalusian construction sector in the period 2009-2011 was analysed. A randomised controlled trial was not possible as the subsidy was granted according to a public and competitive call. A quasi-experimental design based on an intervention group (subsidised companies) and a control...
Access equipment for construction work at height in residential properties - RR978
The construction sector has a high rate of fatalities resulting from falls from height, especially among workers employed in small firms. The sector consists mainly of micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a large number of self-employed and is peripatetic in its make-up, with employment often short-term and occurring within the informal economy. The aim of this project was to identify reasonably practical measures to reduce the number of deaths of workers in micro enterprises (MEs), and those who work as sole traders, in carrying out repairs at height on residential properties....
Analysis of the safety conditions of scaffolding on construction sites
This paper presents the results of a study whose aim was to analyse the safety conditions of supported scaffolds (i.e., ground supported scaffolding). In 2007 the authors examined the scaffolding erected on 105 building sites in Spain. The study provides a qualitative assessment of the safety conditions of bracings, anchor ties, toe-boards, guardrails, ladders, struts, long beams, cross beams, platforms, supports, etc. In the European Union there are no legal requirements for the manufacturers of supported scaffolds, but there are some regulations on the use of this type of scaffolding on construction...
Prévention des risques de chutes de hauteur
Face aux situations dangereuses posées par le travail en hauteur, une démarche de prévention adaptée s'impose. Cette nouvelle brochure réalisée conjointement par l'INRS et l'OPPBTP (référence ED 6110) fait le point sur cette problématique. Son objectif : aider les entreprises à faire leur choix parmi les équipements de protection disponibles. Source :
Best practice guidelines for working on roofs
The guidelines provide practical guidance to employers, contractors, employees, designers, principals, persons who control a place of work, and architects who are engaged in work associated with roofing. The guidelines apply to a wide range of work situations where workers are placed in a position from which falls are possible. These situations include new roof installations, re-roofing, repairs and maintenance work on roofs. Importance is placed on managing the hazards associated with working on roofs by identifying hazards through planning, assessing, and controlling the hazards. This includes...
Rapid demountable platform (RDP)
A device for preventing fall from height accidents The prevention of fall from height accidents has long been a popular topic in the field of construction safety. Previous research has indicated one of the potential hazards was induced by the use of steel bracket as scaffold support. While researchers are focusing to improve the existing scaffolding system, this research introduces a newly developed device to minimize fall accidents. The working platform, namely Rapid Demountable Platform (RDP) can be applied across window frames without fixing anchor bolts. Emphasizing on the rapid installation...

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