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NF EN 14458 - Visières haute performance uniquement destinées à une utilisation avec des casques de protection
La présente Norme européenne spécifie les exigences minimales s'appliquant aux visières spécifiquement conçues pour une utilisation exclusive avec des casques de protection, tels que des casques de sapeurs-pompiers, conformes à l'EN 443, l'EN 16471 et l'EN 16473 et des casques de protection à haute performance pour l'industrie conformes à l'EN 14052. Il peut s'agir de visières fixées de manière permanente au casque, ou de visières amovibles. Source:
Investigation into exposure when the visor of air fed RPE is raised during spraying
Air-fed visors (AFV) are commonly used within the Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) trade for protection against exposure to isocyanate paints. However, a common practice amongst paint sprayers is to flip up the visor of their AFV immediately after spraying to check the quality of the paint finish. This may be only for a few seconds but if repeated numerous times during a work shift, this could potentially result in a significant increase in exposure. The aim of this project was to determine the reduction in protection and thus potential increase in exposure when the visor is lifted and to explore potential...
Liberty Mutual Research Institute for safety: Protective Eyewear in the Workplace is featured in our latest From Research to Reality newsletter
Every day, approximately 2,000 US workers sustain a work-related eye injury that requires medical treatment, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. This level has persisted for several years despite the existence of proven engineering and administrative controls for reducing eye injury exposures. The Research Institute has therefore focused its eye injury search on identifying factors that inhibit or prevent the use of effective interventions, in particular, protective eyewear... Source:

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