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Safety in the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock
Many accidents, some resulting in death and serious injury, continue to occur during the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock. They cause enormous social and economic cost over and above the human tragedy involved. It is in everyone's interest that they are reduced. Accident investigations often show that these injuries could have been avoided. This revised guidance is aimed at directors, owners, managers and supervisors and pays particular attention to the most common hazards, including (un)loading of delivery vehicles, storage systems, workplace transport, mechanical lifting...
One Size Does Not Fit All
When your safety and your life depends on it, you need your equipment to fit properly. This is especially true in the workplace. Improper fit may prevent workers from performing their job duties safely and effectively. If your respirator does not seal properly to your face, if your gloves are too big, if your seatbelt cannot buckle with your safety gear on . . . you get the picture. Anthropometry is the science of defining human body dimensions and physical characteristics. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducts anthropometric research to prevent work-related...
Footwear and modifications to goods vehicles in the UK road haulage sector
The central aim of this survey was to produce a set of baseline data, based on the opinions of HGV drivers, that described practices within the UK road haulage sector relating to slip, trip and falls risk factors. The survey explored risk factors relating to footwear and vehicle safety fittings eg ladders, steps, handrails and load bed covering. The research employed face-to face sample survey methodology that allowed reasonable generalisation to the UK population of HGV drivers. Source :

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