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Alberta university designs new oil and gas PPE
New safety gear for the oil and gas industry is aiming to make burns caused by blasts of hot steam and scalding water a thing of the past. University of Alberta assistant professor Megan Strickfaden and a team of graduate students have just finished the first round of testing on a new garment system consisting of a jacket and pants meant to be worn over top of a pair of coveralls. The garments feature pant legs that are wide enough that workers can slip them on without having to take their boots off and a fleece lining with venting in the back (where a worker is least likely to be exposed to hot...
Don’t Blow Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry
Vertical systems, harnesses, lanyards and climbing systems must be developed for the variety of fall hazards associated with tower construction, maintenance and rescue. The world is beginning to rely more on alternative energy, making wind power one of the largest sources of new electricity generation. As wind turbines begin to dot the landscape around the country, more workers will be required to install and service these structures. More workers on the job site means fall protection equipment designers and manufacturers must anticipate and address the unique challenges this growing industry demands...
Exposition à des moisissures dans le milieu hospitalier et dans des usines de production de biogaz
Intérêt des protections individuelles et collectives Les champignons filamenteux se développent de manière ubiquitaire sur de nombreux substrats organiques. Les spores se retrouvent dans les poussières et sont souvent inhalables. De plus en plus de données scientifiques pointent l'inhalation de moisissures comme cause d'allergie respiratoire ou cutanée aussi bien dans l'environnement (maisons insalubres) que dans le milieu du travail, notamment dans les industries de compostage de matière organique ou de fabrication de bioéthanol...

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