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Z259.11-F17 - Absorbeurs d'énergie individuels et cordons d'assujettissement
Ce document constitue la troisième édition de CSA Z259.11, Absorbeurs d'énergie individuels et cordons d'assujettissement. Il remplace les éditions antérieures, publiées en 2005 sous le titre Absorbeurs d'énergie et cordons d'assujettissement et en 1992 sous le titre Absorbeurs d'énergie pour dispositifs antichutes. Le but de cette norme est de prescrire des exigences visant la performance, la conception, la mise à l'essai, l'étiquetage et le marquage des absorbeurs d'énergie individuels...
Safety in the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock
Many accidents, some resulting in death and serious injury, continue to occur during the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock. They cause enormous social and economic cost over and above the human tragedy involved. It is in everyone's interest that they are reduced. Accident investigations often show that these injuries could have been avoided. This revised guidance is aimed at directors, owners, managers and supervisors and pays particular attention to the most common hazards, including (un)loading of delivery vehicles, storage systems, workplace transport, mechanical lifting...
Fall Protection Product Spotlight at ASSE 2013
Still a major issue facing the health and safety industry, fall protection is a focus of many companies as ASSE. Fall protection is one of the major issues facing workers today. As health and safety industry professional convene in Las Vegas for this year's American Society of Safety Engineers Conference and Expo, multiple companies are displaying their answers to fall hazards faced in the workplace every day. Gorbel is a name familiar in the safety industry and it's Fall Arrest Anchor System can protect workers at dangerous jobs. This system includes an anchor, a body harness, and a connector...
Best practice guidelines for working on roofs
The guidelines provide practical guidance to employers, contractors, employees, designers, principals, persons who control a place of work, and architects who are engaged in work associated with roofing. The guidelines apply to a wide range of work situations where workers are placed in a position from which falls are possible. These situations include new roof installations, re-roofing, repairs and maintenance work on roofs. Importance is placed on managing the hazards associated with working on roofs by identifying hazards through planning, assessing, and controlling the hazards. This includes...
Connecting components for personal fall arrest systems (PFAS)
This Standard specifies design and performance requirements, test methods, and requirements for marking and labelling individual connecting components used as part of a personal fall arrest system (PFAS). This Standard applies to components that are (a) used in the interconnection of a complete PFAS unit in accordance with CSA Z259.10; (b) intended to be used as the primary single link to a permanent anchorage connector; or (c) intended to be used as a primary attachment point between two or more subsystems. Source :

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