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Chutes de hauteur: Un utilitaire pour améliorer la prévention
Destiné autant aux ingénieurs en conception de systèmes actifs de protection contre les chutes qu'aux préventeurs voulant vérifier la conformité d'un système en place, l'IRSST a développé un nouvel outil qui permet le dimensionnement des systèmes de corde d'assurance horizontale (SCAH), aussi appelés systèmes d'ancrage continu flexible ou ligne de vie. Intégrant les abaques élaborés lors de la mise à jour du guide et l'ensemble des paramètres de conception...
NIOSH Ladder Safety App Evolves with User Feedback
The award-winning NIOSH Ladder Safety App is now updated based on our users’ feedback. First introduced in 2013, the app has received much positive feedback. As of the end of 2015, it has more than 52,000 downloads. Among those promoting the app are state officials, industry leaders, and safety professionals. Many companies have even incorporated the use of the app as part of their safety policy. It has also attracted considerable international attention and earned a merit award from the Digital Health Awards, a program that recognizes the world’s best digital health resources for consumers...
Ladder Safety: There’s an App for That
NIOSH recently released its first smart phone application (app) for mobile devices. This free app is aimed at improving extension ladder safety by providing real-time safety information delivered via the latest technology. Falls are a persistent source of injury in many occupations and in home use. Falls are the number one cause of construction-worker fatalities with falls from ladders a common yet preventable construction injury. Health services and the wholesale and retail industries experience the largest number of non-fatal fall-related injuries. Ladders are also used in home maintenance and...
Fall Protection Can Save Your Life
This video shows the consequences of not wearing fall protection and why wearing fall protection is the right choice every time. Source :
Announcing new use and selection guides for personal fall protection equipment
Two new documents from ISEA will help protect workers whose jobs expose them to fall hazards. A Personal Fall Protection Equipment Use and Selection Guide provides practical, hands-on guidance for fall protection users and administrators in their selection, use, maintenance and inspection of fall protection equipment. A companion document addresses topics in fall protection on which manufacturers get frequent inquiries. Prepared by manufacturers in the ISEA Fall Protection Group, the use and selection guide describes the process of developing a corporate fall protection program, explains the components...

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