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Fall Protection Product Spotlight at ASSE 2013
Still a major issue facing the health and safety industry, fall protection is a focus of many companies as ASSE. Fall protection is one of the major issues facing workers today. As health and safety industry professional convene in Las Vegas for this year's American Society of Safety Engineers Conference and Expo, multiple companies are displaying their answers to fall hazards faced in the workplace every day. Gorbel is a name familiar in the safety industry and it's Fall Arrest Anchor System can protect workers at dangerous jobs. This system includes an anchor, a body harness, and a connector...
Fall Protection Can Save Your Life
This video shows the consequences of not wearing fall protection and why wearing fall protection is the right choice every time. Source :
The Scissor Lift Dilemma: Guardrails vs. Fall Arrest Systems
Millions of workers utilize scissor lifts to perform work at heights. Over the years, it has become the go-to mobile tool for those working at lower heights. But when it comes to fall protection on scissor lifts, guardrails - which have been the standard for many years - might not cut it. Source :
Don’t Blow Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry
Vertical systems, harnesses, lanyards and climbing systems must be developed for the variety of fall hazards associated with tower construction, maintenance and rescue. The world is beginning to rely more on alternative energy, making wind power one of the largest sources of new electricity generation. As wind turbines begin to dot the landscape around the country, more workers will be required to install and service these structures. More workers on the job site means fall protection equipment designers and manufacturers must anticipate and address the unique challenges this growing industry demands...
Announcing new use and selection guides for personal fall protection equipment
Two new documents from ISEA will help protect workers whose jobs expose them to fall hazards. A Personal Fall Protection Equipment Use and Selection Guide provides practical, hands-on guidance for fall protection users and administrators in their selection, use, maintenance and inspection of fall protection equipment. A companion document addresses topics in fall protection on which manufacturers get frequent inquiries. Prepared by manufacturers in the ISEA Fall Protection Group, the use and selection guide describes the process of developing a corporate fall protection program, explains the components...
Evidence-based review of the current guidance on first aid measures for suspension trauma
In 2002 the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published a review entitled ‘Harness Suspension: Review and Evaluation of Existing Information'. It was noted in this report that the rescue plan was an essential part of fall protection arrangements. The requirement for this work arose because first aid training organisations and first aiders were not clear about the correct positioning of rescued casualties in the event of a harness suspension situation.

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