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NF EN 13274 - Appareils de protection respiratoire - Méthodes d'essai
Partie 7 : détermination de la pénétration des filtres à particules - Appareils de protection respiratoire Le présent document spécifie le mode opératoire utilisé pour vérifier la pénétration des filtres à particules pour appareils de protection respiratoire. Source:
In Search of a Performing Seal: Rethinking the Design of Tight-Fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment Facepieces for Users With Facial Hair
Background: Air-purifying, tight-fitting facepieces are examples of respiratory protective equipment and are worn to protect workers from potentially harmful particulate and vapors. Research shows that the presence of facial hair on users' face significantly reduces the efficacy of these devices. This article sets out to establish if an acceptable seal could be achieved between facial hair and the facepiece. The team also created and investigated a low-cost “pressure testing” method for assessing the efficacy of a seal to be used during the early design process for a facepiece designed...

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