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Through-the-Earth, Post-Accident Communications—an Emerging Technology
A NIOSH Technology News report on technology to provide a two-way communications system to improve miners' ability to communicate from underground to surface. Source :
An evaluation of the efficacy of safer sharps devices: Systematic review
Sharps-related injuries carry the risk of serious blood borne infection. A systematic review was undertaken to consider the evidence related to safer sharps devices and their impact on needlestick injury reduction within the healthcare sector. The quality and quantity of evidence was limited. Despite this, there was sufficient published evidence to consider the use of safer sharps devices to reduce the incidence of sharps injuries amongst UK healthcare workers. Studies showed that when educational programmes were implemented alongside a safer sharps device, lower rates of sharps injuries were sustained...
Reduction in percutaneous injuries was concomitant with a steep market shift from conventional to safety-engineered devices
This study was to determine whether «The Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (NSPA)» (USA) has had an effect on the rate of percutaneous injuries among hospital employees. We used a historical, prospective design, with the use of a multihospital sharps-injury database maintained by the International Healthcare Worker Safety Center at the University of Virginia. Since 1993, a group of U.S. hospitals voluntarily contributed sharps-injury surveillance data. We selected the period from 1995 through 2005, which included 23,908 injuries that occurred in 85 hospitals in 10 states. The significant...

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