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Les exigences actuelles ne sont pas suffisantes pour la caractérisation antistatique d'un VT ou EPI
Une étude a été menée par l'INRS, en collaboration avec l'INERIS , sur les propriétés dissipatrices des vêtements de travail (VT) et des équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) . L'analyse des résultats fait ressortir que les modes opératoires et les exigences actuels ne sont pas suffisants pour la caractérisation antistatique d'un VT ou EPI dans son ensemble. La conception (coutures, poches, logos...) mais aussi la nature et l'épaisseur des couches portées sous l'équipement...
On-water visibility study: determining the most visible colour that can be worn by floating subjects
Recently, WorkSafeBC adopted the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 107 standard and included fluorescent yellow-green as a mandatory safety colour for road workers. In comparison with traditional Pantone colours, fluorescent materials provide maximum contrast against an otherwise dull or busy background. During a literature review, the researchers found that the most recent study on the visibility of victims floating on water was conducted in 1957. The research team did not discover any current literature on the topic, so using the science of how humans perceive colour, they set out...
Vulnerability of oil contaminated fire retardant overalls
Overalls become oil-contaminated very rapidly in many work situations, particularly offshore, in some cases within one day. From time to time, there are significant hydrocarbon fires offshore. There is evidence that frequent washing reduces the fire retardant properties of some materials, thereby increasing personal risk to persons and compromising their safety in a fire. Secondly, there is a problem with fires in the laundries offshore. Because of the large potential for escalation of fires offshore, the reduction of fuel loading and the prevention of ignition sources must remain a high priority...

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