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NF EN 14594 - Appareils de protection respiratoire
Le présent document spécifie les caractéristiques minimales exigées des appareils de protection respiratoire (APR) isolants à adduction d'air comprimé à débit continu utilisés avec des masques complets, des demi-masques, des cagoules, des casques ou des combinaisons, ainsi que des appareils utilisés dans les opérations de projection d'abrasifs en tant qu'appareils de protection respiratoire. Source:
Investigation into exposure when the visor of air fed RPE is raised during spraying
Air-fed visors (AFV) are commonly used within the Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) trade for protection against exposure to isocyanate paints. However, a common practice amongst paint sprayers is to flip up the visor of their AFV immediately after spraying to check the quality of the paint finish. This may be only for a few seconds but if repeated numerous times during a work shift, this could potentially result in a significant increase in exposure. The aim of this project was to determine the reduction in protection and thus potential increase in exposure when the visor is lifted and to explore potential...

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