ASTM F2412 - 18a - Standard Test Methods for Foot Protection

These test methods contain requirements to evaluate the performance of footwear for the following:
- Impact resistance for the toe area of footwear (I),
- Compression resistance for the toe area of footwear (C),
- Metatarsal protection that reduces the chance of injury to the metatarsal bones at the top of the foot (Mt),
- Conductive properties which reduce hazards that may result from static electricity buildup, and reduce the possibility of ignition of explosives and volatile chemicals (Cd),
- Electric hazard to protect the wearer when accidentally stepping on live electric wires (EH),
- Static dissipative properties to reduce hazards that result from a build up of static charge where there is an underlying risk of accidental contact with live electrical circuits (SD), and
- Puncture resistance footwear devices (PR).


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