ASTM F2130 - 11(2018) - Standard Test Method for Measuring Repellency, Retention, and Penetration of Liquid Pesticide Formulation Through Protective Clothing Materials

Significance and Use: This test method can be used for laboratory screening of protective clothing material used to manufacture garments and accessories worn by pesticide workers. This test method can be used for the development and evaluation of new protective clothing materials. This test method can be used for the evaluation of protective clothing materials against new pesticide formulations.
Scope: This test method measures repellency, retention, and penetration of a known volume of liquid pesticide when applied to protective clothing material. No external hydrostatic or mechanical pressure is applied to the test specimen during or after the application of the liquid pesticide. This test method is designed to measure performance of protective clothing materials at two levels of contamination. Low level of contamination is achieved by applying 0.1 mL liquid formulation and high level by applying 0.2 mL. This test method does not measure resistance to permeation or degradation. This test method is suitable for field-strength pesticide formulations. This test method may not be suitable for testing protective clothing materials against volatile pesticides.


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