ASTM F1301-18 - Standard Practice for Labeling Chemical Protective Clothing

This practice contains the recommendations for minimal informational requirements for the identification of chemical protective clothing items. It is intended to provide the user with some of the basic information necessary for the proper selection and use of the chemical protective clothing.
For some items of chemical protective clothing, such as disposable chemical protective gloves, it is recognized that it is not practical that the labeling information be provided directly on the product. Therefore, it is permissible that this information be provided on the direct packaging that contains the product. As an example, it is possible to put the recommended product information on the dispenser box that contains multiple pairs of disposable chemical protective gloves.
Additional information beyond the content recommended by this practice is permitted to be applied to the label. This additional label content can include statements indicating compliance with specific standards, warnings, limitations associated with the product, and certain types of use, care, and maintenance information as addressed in Practice F2061.
Rules and regulations in Title 16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 303 cover the identification of fibers in textile products, specifically the disclosure of the fiber content and the manner of labeling products for purposes of applying tariffs on imported products and for informing the consumer. This practice is not intended to be a replacement for the requirements in 16 CFR 303, which may still apply to certain types of chemical protective clothing.


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