Straight ladder inclined angle in a field environment

The relationship among actual angle, method of setup and knowledgee
Ladder inclined angle is a critical factor that could lead to a slip at the base of portable straight ladders, a major cause of falls from heights. Despite several methods established to help workers achieve the recommended 75.5° angle for ladder setup, it remains unclear if these methods are used in practice. This study explored ladder setup behaviors in a field environment. Professional installers of a company in the cable and other pay TV industry were observed for ladder setup at their worksites. The results showed that the actual angles of 265 ladder setups by 67 participants averaged 67.3° with a standard deviation of 3.22°. Although all the participants had training on recommended ladder setup methods, only three out of 67 participants applied these methods in their daily work and even they failed to achieve the desired 75.5° angle. Therefore, ladder setup remains problematic in real-world situations.

Source: Chang WR, Huang YH, Chang CC, et al. Ergonomics, 2015.

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