Disinfection of personal protective equipment for management of Ebola patients

Bessesen et al highlight the potential utility of reusable elastomeric face masks to bypass the risk of N95 respirator shortages during a respiratory illness pandemic and stress the importance of efficacious disinfection to reuse facial protective equipment safely.1 We would like to take the opportunity to underline the need that awareness on personal protective equipment (PPE) stocks is included in any pandemic preparedness plan. The demand for PPE must be established on the basis of the health care facility's role, defined by public health authorities to create a coordinated network approach.

Source: Vincenzo Puro, Silvia Pittalis, Pierangelo Chinello, Emanuele Nicastri, Nicola Petrosillo, Mario Antonini, Giuseppe Ippolito. American Journal of Infection Control, 2015.

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