Z94.1-15 - Industrial protective headwear

Performance, selection, care, and use
The latest edition of CSA Z94.1 – Industrial Protective Headwear – Performance, Selection, Care and Use joins our suite of Personal Protective Equipment standards and applies to protective headwear for industrial, construction, mining, utility, and forestry workers. It defines the areas of the head that are to be protected and basic performance requirements.
According to OHS Regulations – Section 12.4, only when there is a foreseeable danger to a worker's head at a work site is industrial headwear required. Employers can help to reduce the risk of head injuries sustained in the workplace by conducting a hazard assessment. Based on the results of the hazard assessment you will then be able to decide if the worksite would require workers to use industrial protective headwear.

Source: http://shop.csa.ca/invt/27000582015

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