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Analysing Performance of Protective Clothing upon Hot Liquid Exposure Using Instrumented Spray Manikin

Hot liquid hazards existing in work environments present a common risk in workplace safety in numerous industries. In this study, a newly developed instrumented manikin system was used to assess the protective performance provided by protective clothing against hot liquid splash. The skin burn injury and its distribution for the selected clothing system were predicted and the effects of clothing design features (fabric properties and garment size) on protective performance were investigated. The air gap size and distribution existing between protective clothing and human skin were characterized using 3D body scanning, and their relation to skin burn injury was identified. The mechanism associated with heat and mass transfer under exposure to hot liquid splashes was discussed. The findings provided technical bases to improve the performance of protective clothing. For protective clothing design, minimizing mass transfer through clothing system is very important to provide high performance. Keeping the air gap between the garment and the human body is an essential approach to improve thermal performance. This can be achieved by proper design in size and fit, or applying functional textile materials.

Source : Yehu Lu, Guowen Song, and Jun Li. Ann Occup Hyg (2013) 57 (6): 793-804 first published online January 16, 2013. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/annhyg/mes109

Fall Protection Product Spotlight at ASSE 2013

Still a major issue facing the health and safety industry, fall protection is a focus of many companies as ASSE.
Fall protection is one of the major issues facing workers today. As health and safety industry professional convene in Las Vegas for this year's American Society of Safety Engineers Conference and Expo, multiple companies are displaying their answers to fall hazards faced in the workplace every day.
Gorbel is a name familiar in the safety industry and it's Fall Arrest Anchor System can protect workers at dangerous jobs. This system includes an anchor, a body harness, and a connector. The connector might be a shock-absorbing lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline, varying based on the demands of the job. Made to support multiple workers, this system also preserves mobility for elevated jobs. The anchor system utilizes an enclosed track design that maintains centrality and ensures easy movement.
Another innovator in fall protection is Rigid Lifelines. One product that may be useful in a wide variety of necessary elevated jobs is The Anchor Trolley. This rolling trolley is designed with cone teeth and the hardened steel the trolley is made of acts as a brake in case of a fall. This trolley also allows workers to preform self rescue. Weatherproof and durable, this trolley comes in multiple models to accommodate any track size or fall protection need
A third new system at ASSE 2013 is the Portable Telescoping Fall Protection System from Fall Protection Systems. This provides safety wherever needed. Supporting workers up to 500 lbs., it protects from both the initial fall and secondary fall injuries, which can be common in these kind of accidents. Easily transported by forklift, this system can be taken to any job in minutes.

Source : http://ohsonline.com/articles/2013/06/25/fall-protection.aspx

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