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Fall Protection Can Save Your Life

This video shows the consequences of not wearing fall protection and why wearing fall protection is the right choice every time.

Source : http://www2.worksafebc.com/Publications/Multimedia/Videos.asp?ReportID=37167


NIOSH HPD Well-Fit™: The Future is Fit-Testing

For workers and others who are exposed to dangerously loud noises which cannot be reduced or eliminated, hearing protection devices (HPDs) are absolutely necessary to save their hearing.  But if HPDs are not properly selected or correctly worn, the devices may not block out enough noise and the wearer may still risk a loss of hearing.  How can a person tell if their HPDs are fit correctly?  A new development from NIOSH – HPD Well-FitTM – can quickly and inexpensively test the performance of hearing protection.  This fit testing technology is a huge advancement in efforts to save workers' hearing.   

Source : http://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/2013/05/well-fit/

Application of scaled world model for usability testing of fall arrest system in residential construction

Falls from heights in residential construction continue to be a leading cause of fatalities and severe injuries. Field studies are difficult to implement in residential construction, because companies are hesitant to allow observers on site to collect data while tasks are being conducted. Use of scaled world models has been recommended for experimental contexts that require high levels of ecological validity as well as internal (control) validity . In this project, we explored several attributes to design a scaled world model of residential roofing that would support controlled trials to evaluate usability and to conduct load testing, in a realistic setting. Features of the scaled world model were selected to support validity and ease-of-measurement while participants conducted roofing tasks. Several validity constraints were explored, including ecological, structural, psychological and process validity. Possible in-lab roofing task attributes were discussed and heuristic guidelines for scaled world models were provided. Lastly, an example of a scaled-world model was assembled to test the fall arrest system. The design team continues to develop the model, which will be reviewed by residential roofing experts for realism and accuracy.

Source : Angles J, Trochez G, Nakata A, Smith-Jackson T, Hindman D. Proc. Hum. Factors Ergon. Soc. Annu. Meet. 2012; 56(1): 2060-2064. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1071181312561430

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