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Analysis of the safety conditions of scaffolding on construction sites

This paper presents the results of a study whose aim was to analyse the safety conditions of supported scaffolds (i.e., ground supported scaffolding). In 2007 the authors examined the scaffolding erected on 105 building sites in Spain. The study provides a qualitative assessment of the safety conditions of bracings, anchor ties, toe-boards, guardrails, ladders, struts, long beams, cross beams, platforms, supports, etc. In the European Union there are no legal requirements for the manufacturers of supported scaffolds, but there are some regulations on the use of this type of scaffolding on construction sites. This is the case, in particular, of the Directive 2001/45/EC, on workplace health and safety. The European norms EN 12810 and EN 12811 also provide some non-compulsory guidance for scaffolding manufacturers. The scaffolding currently used can comply or not with the previous norms. Since conformed scaffolding is more expensive than non-conformed, both types are found on construction sites.

Source : Rubio-Romeroa,  J.C.,  Rubio Gámez, M.C., Carrillo-Castrillo, J.A. Analysis of the safety conditions of scaffolding on construction sites. Safety Science,
Vol. 55, June 2013, p. 160–164. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ssci.2013.01.006

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