Slips and trips new tools disponible

HSE (UK) explains how to prevent slips and trips in the workplace. Looks at the causes of slips and trips and discusses how to prevent them. A new «Shattered Lives» website, specialist e-learning tools: STEP (Slips and Trips elearning Package) and a new e-tool, WAIT (Work at height Access equipment Information Toolkit) have received 33 000 new visitors.

Source: Slips and trips. Health and Safety Executive, August 2012.

Voir Aussi: Slips, trips and falls are preventable and everybody has a role to play. The HSA «Get a grip» document (Ireland) provides practical, easy-to-implement safeguards. It has three pages of practical advice plus a simple checklist. The «Mapping» tool can help to identify high-risk areas. Sector-specific guidance is also available for education, healthcare, hospitality, suppliers and transport.

Source: Slips, Trips and Falls. Health&Safety Autority.,_Trips_and_Falls.html?showDoc=1&

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