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Breathe Safer: How to Use Respirators Safely and Start a Respirator Program

Ce guide, destiné aux employeurs, superviseurs et travailleurs, renseigne sur les risques respiratoires, les types d’appareils de protection respiratoire (APR) correspondant aux différents contaminants.

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Assessment of Factors Affecting the Continuing Performance of Firefighters' Protective Clothing: A Literature Review

There has been some research into the level of damage and changes to important properties of firefighters' protective clothing after exposure to conditions such as elevated temperature and ultra violet radiation. However, at this time, the results are not comprehensive enough to develop a standard procedure to estimate the remaining useful life of firefighters' protective clothing. There is also a need to develop non-destructive techniques to evaluate clothing, for most tests used to evaluate properties of clothing are destructive, and visual cues cannot completely assess the level of deterioration of the properties of thermal protective fabrics. In this paper, major factors that affect the continuing performance of firefighters' protective clothing and their effects on the service life of the clothing are reviewed. Some non-destructive methods which have been employed in different studies to evaluate the degradation of physical properties of firefighters' protective clothing are also described, along with statistical and probabilistic methods for estimating the useful life of materials. Suggestions for future research, which will assist fire departments in determining the level of damage to clothing, and estimating its remaining useful life are also discussed.

Source : Rezazadeh M, Torvi DA. Assessment of Factors Affecting the Continuing Performance of Firefighters' Protective Clothing: A Literature Review. Fire Technol. 2011; 47(3): 565-599. DOI: 10.1007/s10694-010-0188-3



NIOSH Skin Permeation Calculator Updated

Through partnership with the University of Cincinnati, the NIOSH Skin Permeation Calculator has been updated with enhanced features and a new user interface. The improved calculator allows for simulation of typical occupational exposure scenarios. The calculator estimates fluxes, skin concentrations, and amounts absorbed from any size dose applied to partially or fully hydrated skin. The calculator is available on the NIOSH Web site at

Source : http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/skin/finiteSkinPermCalc.html

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