Why should chemical protective gloves be used?

Human skin offers natural protection against external influences. This protection is unfortunately often inadequate. The human body therefore sometimes needs clothing which not only keeps it warm, but also protects it against exposure to hazardous substances. Such substances range from moisture to chemicals with a variety of properties.
Chemical exposure is not always obvious, as it is in the case of an acute caustic burn; it may also begin insidiously with a skin irritation, and progress through sensitizing to severe skin damage. Even substances that are regarded subjectively as harmless, such as cleaning agents, may lead to skin problems following sustained or repeated contact with the skin. In both occupational and domestic use, the hands in particular must therefore be protected during activities involving contact with chemical substances. Where skin-care or barrier products do not provide the skin with adequate protection, chemical protective gloves must be worn.

Source : http://www.dguv.de/ifa/en/pra/chemikalienschutzhandschuhe/index.jsp

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