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Is the Australian glove safety standard AS/NZS 2161 right for you?

The current international standard for gloves designed to protect against mechanical injury is EN 388, which has been adopted word for word by AS/NZS 2161. However, this standard has a number of shortcomings. In particular, the performance tests are often misconstrued and often do not reflect the environment in which a glove may be used, or the glove's actual performance in all-too-common circumstances.
This article briefly reviews the four performance tests covered by AS/NZS 2161 (abrasion, cut, tear and puncture) and lists a few considerations that should be made when interpreting the results and selecting gloves.

Source : http://www.safetysolutions.net.au/articles/39591?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Emailmarketingsoftware&utm_content=429156603&utm_campaign=ss_1003b+_+odytji&utm_term=IstheAustralianglovesafetystandardASNZS2161rightforyou

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