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Respiratory Protection for Terrorist Threats and Other Emergencies

This September 11th marks eight years since the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center. At this time we honor those who gave their lives and those who risked their lives and their health in rescue and clean-up efforts. NIOSH played an important role in addressing workers' needs in the aftermath of the attacks. A summary of the efforts can be found on the NIOSH World Trade Center topic page. While our work, specifically with respirator certification, prepared us well to assist the responders, many areas for improvement were highlighted during the response and subsequent interviews with responders. NIOSH continues to work to ensure that responders are protected when dealing with all emergencies. This blog highlights the advancements made in respiratory protection for workers in the event of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) emergencies.


Appareils de protection respiratoire

Demi-masques filtrants contre les particules - Exigences, essais, marquage
La présente norme européenne spécifie les caractéristiques minimales à exiger des demi-masques filtrants utilisés comme appareils de protection respiratoire contre les particules sauf pour l'évacuation.Elle contient des essais de laboratoire et des essais pratiques de performance pour assurer la conformité aux exigences.


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