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Establishing direct and contributory factors to the uncontrolled movement of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) during coupling and uncoupling
A number of fatal or major vehicle incidents are reported to the Health and Safety Executive and local authorities every year where heavy good vehicle drivers have been injured during the coupling and/or uncoupling of the tractor and the trailer unit. When coupling and uncoupling the trailer to and from the tractor unit, the parking brakes on both units should be applied to ensure that neither unit is able to move in an uncontrolled manner. Unintended movement is known as a vehicle runaway. Source:
Mobile Equipment Safety System
Many workplace fatalities and serious injuries occur when workers are struck by or caught in heavy mobile equipment, such as forklifts, log loaders, dump trucks and bulldozers. A key factor is the poor visibility that equipment operators often have, which makes it difficult to see people on the ground. This project developed a wireless system that can detect and issue warnings when a machine approaches workers or certain objects, and shut down or slow the machinery if it gets too close. In year one, the sensor technology was refined, and a prototype of the device was built, installed in a forklift...
The Agricultural Trailer Braking Study
A study was conducted to quantify the service and parking brake performance of a small but representative range of agricultural trailers and trailed appliances in front-line service on UK farms to highlight possible inadequacies in trailer braking system specification and maintenance levels, particularly when used with faster (above 20 mph) tractors.

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