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A study of the generic safety-integrity requirements of fairground rides
The use of computer-based control systems allows modern fairground rides to perform increasingly complex functions at very high speeds. In some cases, passenger safety will depend on the correct operation of these control systems, so their failure could compromise passenger safety. As a result, it is important that the rate of potentially dangerous control-system failures is adequately low in relation to the hazard level associated with the functions that they carry out. Quantitative risk assessment techniques are used in, for example, the process and manufacturing industries, but these techniques...
Electrical safety for entertainers
This leaflet is for entertainers who use electrical equipment for sound, lighting or other effect. It sets out basic measures you can take to help control the electrical risks from the use of such equipment. This edition updates references to legislation and links to further guidance. It also gives a clearer explanation of what action to take and why. Source:
Electrical safety at places of entertainment
This guidance contains advice on preventing electrical danger at places of entertainment. It is primarily for managers of places of entertainment, and for people who provide facilities for entertainers. It will also be of use to technicians and technical managers. It outlines the risks and describes the law that applies, as well as the role of the enforcing and licensing authorities. There is general advice on managing electrical safety, and specific advice on ways to prevent electrical danger. This edition updates references to legislation and links to further guidance. It also gives a clearer...

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