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AHP-based analysis of the risk potential of safety incidents
Case study of cranes in the construction industry The use of data collected from near-miss reports has added value to safety in high-hazard industries such as aviation and the process industry, but this procedure has not yet taken root in construction management practice. Although the management of near-miss reporting systems and the collection of near-miss event reports have been the focus of recent research efforts, the structural analyses of reports have not yet been investigated. This paper reports on a multi-phase research that studied near misses related to crane work and their safety risk...
Ergonomic design of crane cabin interior
The path to improved safety Many procedures in the development process of crane cabins today are still based on the specific experience of manufacturers and historical guidelines. It is not surprising that they fail to meet the needs of a large proportion of operators. Accordingly, the need for more objective, theoretically justified and consistent models, that will minimize crane operators' biomechanical and visual problems through anthropometric characteristic analysis to improve safety and prevent crane related fatalities and injuries, arises. In that aim we firstly identified the critical...

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