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NIOSH, Nail Guns, and Consensus Standards: Where We Stand
Recently, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) released a revision to ANSI SNT-101, “American National Standard for Power Tools – Safety Requirements for Portable, Compressed-Air-Actuated, Fastener Driving Tools (ANSI SNT-101 2015)” (i.e., nail guns). NIOSH participated in the consensus process used to revise the standard. In all stages, NIOSH recommended changes that were consistent with the current scientific research about the safety risks attributable to nail guns, and interventions that are available to reduce them. Despite NIOSH's participation throughout...
Nail guns
Nail guns are used in workshops during assembly, for example bed manufacture or pallet making. They also get used a lot on site for shop fitting, timber frame erection, etc. The use of nail guns has increased dramatically over the last few years and nail gun incidents now feature in high numbers in HSE's woodworking accident statistics. Nail guns use a piston that is driven at high speed onto the head of a nail (or large staple) to force the fixing into the timber in one adjustable strike. The nails range in size from about 15mm to 100mm long and these are held in strips in a magazine. There...
Maintenance sûre des outils portables dans la construction
E-fact 54 La maintenance peut être définie comme le fait de travailler sur une chose pour la conserver dans un état fonctionnel et sûr et la préserver de tout dysfonctionnement ou déclin. Cette «chose» peut être un lieu de travail, un équipement de travail ou un moyen de transport (p. ex. un bateau). La maintenance ne relève pas de la responsabilité exclusive des installateurs et des mécaniciens. Elle concerne pratiquement tous les travailleurs et pratiquement tous les environnements de travail. La santé...
New NIOSH Publication - Nail Gun Safety: A Guide for Construction Contractors 2011-202
Nail guns are widely used on many construction jobs—especially in residen­tial construction. While they boost productivity they may also cause tens of thousands of painful injuries each year. This new publication is intended to provide a resource for residential home builders and construction contractors, subcontractors, and supervisors to prevent these kinds of injuries. Source:

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