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Élimination des sources d'inflammation dans les zones à risque d'explosion
L'évaluation du risque d'explosion passe par l'identification des zones à risques mais aussi par le recensement des sources d'inflammation susceptibles d'enflammer les atmosphères explosives. Ce document regroupe des informations simples et claires concernant les différentes sources d'inflammation que l'on peut retrouver sur le lieu de travail. Il propose également des solutions afin de les éliminer ou de les maîtriser dans le but d'assurer la protection des travailleurs. Source:
Assessment of the safety features of adapted plastic fuel container spouts
Four commercially available fuel container anti-spill spout adapter devices were tested for their ability to prevent spillage by overfilling and if the fuel container was knocked onto its side. The devices were also tested for their ability to resist flashback and prevent internal explosions in petrol containers. The key findings were: - Only one of the four devices prevented spillage from over-filling and knocking over; this device has a normally closed push action valve. A study in the US has, however, observed instances of this design of valve failing by sticking in the open position. - One...
Safety performance indicators in the explosives sector
Development of a worked example The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) were originally approached by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to assist with the implementation of Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) within the Explosives industry. This work builds on the examples and indicators identified in previous work (Ferguson and Nash, 2008), and aimed to encapsulate the types of activities common to a large number of organisations. Previous work to generate Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) had resulted in little consistency or commonality across the industry group in terms of the leading...

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