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Cadenassage et autres méthodes de contrôle des énergies

Ce guide se veut un outil d’information pour les employeurs et les travailleurs qui ont à utiliser une méthode de contrôle des énergies tel le cadenassage dans l’exécution de leur travail.

Source: http://www.csst.qc.ca/publications/200/Pages/DC-200-1579.aspx

Working safely with robot workers: Recommendations for the new workplace

The increasing use of robots in performing tasks alongside or together with human co-workers raises novel occupational safety and health issues. The new 21st century workplace will be one in which occupational robotics plays an increasing role. This article describes the increasing complexity of robots and proposes a number of recommendations for the practice of safe occupational robotics.

Source: Vladimir Murashova, Frank Hearla & John Howarda. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Volume 13, Issue 3, 2016.

Large Machinery-Related Agricultural Injuries Across a Five-State Region in the Midwest

Objective: High agricultural injury related mortality and morbidity rates persist. This study addressed a knowledge gap regarding large machinery-related injury magnitude, consequences, and risk factors.
Methods: From randomly selected Midwestern agricultural operations in 1999 and 2001, 7420 eligible households participated. Demographic, exposure, and injury data collected for four 6-month periods used a computer-assisted telephone interview. An a priori causal model enabled survey development, data analysis, and interpretation. Directed acyclic graphs, developed from this model, facilitated potential confounder identification for specific exposures in multivariate analyses.
Results: The injury rate was 12.82 events per 1000 persons per year. Increased risk was associated with male gender, increasing age, state of residence, history of prior injury, and increasing hours worked per week.
Conclusions: Large machinery-related agricultural injuries can result in significant consequences. Associated increased injury risks require further investigation and targeting of relevant interventions.

Source: Reiner, Anne M.; Gerberich, Susan Goodwin; Ryan, Andrew D.; Mandel, Jeffrey. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine: February 2016, Volume 58, Issue 2, p. 154-161.

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