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Occupational accidents with agricultural machinery in Austria

The number of recognized accidents with fatalities during agricultural and forestry work, despite of better technology and coordinated prevention and trainings, is still very high in Austria. The accident scenarios in which people are injured are very different on farms. The common causes of accidents in agriculture and forestry are the loss of control of machine, means of transport or handling equipment, hand-held tool, object or animal, followed by slipping, stumbling and falling, breakage, bursting, splitting, slipping, fall, collapse of material agent. In the literature, a numerous number on studies of general (machine and animal related accidents) and specific (machine related accidents) agricultural and forestry accident situations can be found which refer to different data bases. From the database Data of the Austrian Workers Compensation Board (AUVA) about occupational accidents with different agricultural machinery over the period 2008 to 2010 in Austria, main characteristics of the accident, the victim and the employer as well as variables on causes and circumstances by frequency and contexts of parameters were analytic statistically analysed by employing the chi-square test and odds ratio. The aim of the study was to determine the information content and quality of the ESAW variables to evaluate safety gaps and risks as well as the accidental man-machine interaction.

Source: Kogler R, Quendler E, Boxberger J. J. Agromed. 2015.

Sécurité des machines. Modes de fonctionnement protections neutralisées

Lors de la conception des équipements de travail, la prise en compte des différents besoins d'intervention hors production est souvent difficile. Pour la faciliter, cette brochure propose d'identifier ces interventions et présente une analyse de l'accidentologie. Elle examine également les conditions de mise en oeuvre d'une intervention particulière, l'observation du processus, en proposant des principes de solutions lorsque des protections doivent être neutralisées. Cete brochure concerne à la fois les concepteurs de machines et les utilisateurs, notamment pour instaurer le dialogue nécessaire afin de rendre ces interventions sûres.

Source: http://www.inrs.fr/media.html?refINRS=ED%206129

Establishing direct and contributory factors to the uncontrolled movement of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) during coupling and uncoupling

A number of fatal or major vehicle incidents are reported to the Health and Safety Executive and local authorities every year where heavy good vehicle drivers have been injured during the coupling and/or uncoupling of the tractor and the trailer unit. When coupling and uncoupling the trailer to and from the tractor unit, the parking brakes on both units should be applied to ensure that neither unit is able to move in an uncontrolled manner. Unintended movement is known as a vehicle runaway.

Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrhtm/rr1069.htm

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