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Prévenir les collisions engins-piétons

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Afin de réduire le nombre d'accidents de personnes à proximité des engins mobiles, certaines mesures techniques comme l'implantation de détecteurs de personnes peuvent s'avérer nécessaires.
Ce guide propose une démarche pour définir le besoin avant toute installation d'un système de détection puis présente cinq technologies de détection : ultrasons, marqueurs radioélectriques, analyse d'images, radar, laser.

Source: http://www.inrs.fr/media.html?refINRS=ED%206083

Shotcrete Design and Installation Compliance Testing

Early Strength, Load Capacity,Toughness, Adhesion Strength, and Applied Quality
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducted a research study to document and develop safe practices for the use of shotcrete as ground support in underground mines, particularly in underground metal mines operating in weak host rock. Shotcrete is the generic name for a mixture of cement, sand, fine aggregate, and water that is applied pneumatically and compacted dynamically under high velocity. The objective of this research is to reduce mine worker fatalities and injuries resulting from rockfall accidents. Although the information, techniques, and technology covered in this publication will impact both the mining and construction sectors, the primary audience is the mining industry with a focus on underground metal mines operating in weak ground conditions. The information and practices covered in this publication relating to the use of shotcrete can be put to use by mining professionals towards improving mine design and ground control plans. The guidance and practices reported in this document will help safety auditors, mining companies, and shotcrete suppliers in improving their shotcrete product specifications and the performance of ground support systems, evaluating ground control plans, and assessing shotcrete quality control. Ground control safety can be improved by providing these groups with a better understanding of the use of shotcrete in weak rock conditions, field test methods and equipment for measuring the strength properties of shotcrete directly at the mine site, and a practical means of conducting quality control during shotcrete applications.

Source: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/mining/Works/coversheet1887.html

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