Best Practice Guidelines for the Safe Use of Elevating Work Platforms in the Horticultural Industry

Horticultural mobile elevating work platforms (H/MEWP) are complex pieces of equipment that are used in hazardous conditions. As the current state of knowledge
has changed around the use of this equipment these best practice guidelines are an update of the 2003 version. Since 2004, 17 serious harm accidents involving H/MEWPs have been reported to MBIE. Nine of these accidents involved tip-overs of the H/MEWP and two serious harm injuries occurred when operators fell from the work platform. In two separate accidents the operator suffered an electric shock when the H/MEWP touched power lines. In three serious harm injuries operators suffered amputations after becoming entangled in the moving parts of an H/MEWP. Additionally, two serious harm accidents occurred when orchard workers were run over by moving H/MEWPs.
These guidelines provide guidance on safe work practices for the use and maintenance of H/MEWPs in the horticultural industry and are supplementary to other guidance on working at heights and the use of elevating work platforms. These are industry-specific best practice guidelines which are intended to cover only the following industry activities:

  • horticulture
  • arboriculture
  • horticulture plant and machinery
  • hirehorticultural contractors
  • agriculture
  • nurseries, parks and reserves.

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