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Balancing the Pros and Cons of Machine Guarding Technologies

Despite having been introduced in the 1950s, safety mats remain an effective tool in machine guarding programs.

The down home American adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," seems like it must date back to colonial times. In fact, the phrase was popularized in the 1970s, but its widespread use makes it seem older than it really is. In that sense, the phrase is a bit like safety mats. Introduced in the 1950s, safety mats became such a common tool in industrial machine guarding that some people believe they date back to the Industrial Revolution. Not quite. Despite the introduction of newer technologies such as safety laser scanners, safety mats remain relevant and both machine guarding technologies have their place in today's industrial landscape. Decision-makers need a good understanding of the basic function of each type of technology to make informed decisions regarding the type of guarding to employ for safety.

Source : http://ehstoday.com/safety/balancing-pros-and-cons-machine-guarding-technologies?page=1

Bonnes pratiques pour la sécurité et la santé dans l’industrie européenne des pâtes et papiers

CEPI – the Confederation of European Paper Industries en collaboration avec l'European Paper Workers' Union - EMCF - ont lancé un rapport de bonnes pratiques en santé et sécurité du travail dans l'industrie européenne du papier. Le rapport présente 22 bonnes pratiques, classées dans 4 catégories thématiques : gestion; mesures ciblées; partage et apprentissage; implication.

Source : Pas de papier sans des personnes compétentes, en bonne santé et en sécurité : Rapport de bonnes pratiques pour la sécurité et la santé dans l'industrie européenne de la pâte et du papier

Equipment to improve underground construction safety

An innovative manipulator has been developed to improve safety and productivity in underground construction. Suitable for the mining and building industries, the equipment provides a solution to the significant safety issue of personnel working with suspended loads, especially in confined underground work areas. Local mining contractor Redpath Australia has developed a machine capable of erecting steel beams in underground mines at a much safer and faster rate than the current process using cranes.

Source : http://www.safetysolutions.net.au/case_studies/56392?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ss_1210_4&utm_content=ss_1210_4+CID_88d81952949a012455b8d63387c0dec3&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Equipment%20to%20improve%20underground%20construction%20safety

Sécurité des machines : modes de fonctionnement protections neutralisées

Lors de la conception des équipements de travail, la prise en compte des différents besoins d'intervention hors production est souvent difficile. Pour la faciliter, cette brochure propose d'identifier ces interventions et présente une analyse de l'accidentologie. Elle examine également les conditions de mise en oeuvre d'une intervention particulière, l'observation du processus, en proposant des principes de solutions lorsque des protections doivent être neutralisées.
Ce document concerne à la fois les concepteurs de machines et les utilisateurs, notamment pour instaurer le dialogue nécessaire afin de rendre ces interventions sûres.

Source : http://www.inrs.fr/accueil/produits/mediatheque/doc/publications.html?refINRS=ED%206129

Revised Information Sheet on Hand-fed Platens Launched

This information sheet is for employers, supervisors and managers responsible for the safe operation of hand-fed platen presses.

It specifically addresses the risks associated with whole-body access between the platens of larger machines and use of the dwell mode. It also sets out a number of other key issues relevant to machines of all sizes. This revision contains amended information on short-duration interventions.

Source : http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/pis18.pdf


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