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Collision and injury criteria when working with collaborative robots

There is a need for adequate protection of people from the health and safety risks associated with collaborative robot systems. Standard ISO 10218 (Parts 1 and 2) and a draft Technical Specification TS 15066 'Collaborative robots' have been developed to deal specifically with this situation. This study explored the safety, reliability and evidence for the force limits defined by the draft TS 15066, and of the methods for testing them. It also addressed whether the proposed approach in the draft TS 15066 is likely to adequately protect people from the risks. Risk assessment of potential collision scenarios, human reliability and behaviour issues, and equipment failure modes and rates are discussed, as is the adequacy of personal protective equipment against collision injuries. Collaborative robots is an subject area that is still growing.

Source : http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrhtm/rr906.htm#?

IPAF launches MEWP/AWP incident database

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has begun a systematic project to collect worldwide data on accidents/incidents involving mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), also known as aerial work platforms (AWPs), with the aim of improving the safe use of equipment. Manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and users are encouraged to report any known MEWP accidents or incidents using the standard form that is available at www.ipaf.org/accident. In the initial phase, IPAF is calling for reports of any known serious accidents and fatalities involving MEWPs in the UK, and any known fatalities involving MEWPs worldwide.

The construction industry has one of the highest rates of fatal injuries to workers. In the UK for example, it accounted for 50 of a total of 171 fatal injuries in 2010/2011, according to HSE statistics. Of the reported major non-fatal injuries, the most common involved slipping or tripping (40%) and falls from height (16%). Less is known about the nature of the accidents involving falls from height and the type of equipment involved, which is one aspect that the IPAF initiative seeks to address.

Source : www.ipaf.org/accident

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