Work-related electrical injury

Every year, electrical exposures kill or seriously injure thousands of U.S. workers on the job. Although research and prevention efforts over the past three decades have successfully reduced fatalities in high-risk industries, there is still much to learn about electrical exposures that cause nonfatal injuries.
Seeking to close this knowledge gap, the Institute’s Center for Injury Epidemiology conducted a study of nonfatal electrical injuries. Using the latest narrative text analysis methods, researchers extracted valuable information on potential injury mechanisms and contributing factors from more than 1,200 reported electrical injury cases. The fi ndings (pp. 4–6) draw attention to the need for more focused intervention and mitigation strategies to reduce electrical hazards in the workplace.
The News section (pp. 11–13) reports several recent developments including the addition of a new research scientist, the arrival of our latest cohort of postdoctoral research fellows, the acquisition of a state-of-the-art driving simulator, and our acceptance of the 2010 Institutional Public Service Award. This issue also includes findings from the 2010 Workplace Safety Index (p. 9).

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