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Perceptions of Supervision Among Injured and Non-Injured Teens Working in the Retail or Service Industry
According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a teen is injured every 9 minutes at work. Workplace supervision may affect whether teens are injured on the job. Because research on workplace supervision among teens is limited, the objectives of this study were to characterize the perceptions of supervision among injured and non-injured teen workers and assess the characteristics and perceptions of supervisors that may be associated with work-related injuries. In 2011, a cross-sectional survey was conducted among high school students. Teens who worked in retail or...
Diverse cultures at work: ensuring safety and health through leadership and participation
The differences between cultures are helpful in understanding discrepancies when several nationalities are working together. Cross-cultural studies describe characteristics of cultures and differences between different cultures. Therefore, the cross-cultural literature is very helpful in describing general differences that may occur in multinationals, as well as in multicultural teams. In this report the focus is on managing cultural diversity in occupational safety and health, i.e. aspects of leadership and participation that benefit multicultural work teams. Source :
Un projet lorrain pour concilier lean et amélioration des conditions de travail
Des PME lorraines ayant mis en oeuvre des démarche lean constatent une amélioration de la productivité, mais un aussi un impact sur la santé des salariés. Avec l’appui de l’ARACT, une action régionale vise à cerner les conditions d'un déploiement intégrant l'ensemble des dimensions de la performance. Certaines de ces entreprises s’interrogent aujourd’hui sur les effets possibles de ces démarches. Elles notent, certes, les effets bénéfiques dans un premier temps des réorganisations...

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