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Keeping workers safe
Does provision of personal protective equipment match supervisor risk perceptions? BACKGROUND: Although farm management may understand agriculture's risks, they may not provide personal protective equipment (PPE). This study describes thoroughbred farm management's risk perceptions, provision of PPE, and factors that influence its provision. METHODS: Thirty-five representatives from 26 farms participated in a 1-4hr semi-structured interview covering perceived risks associated with horse work and perspectives and provision of PPE. Interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed, entered into...
Work environment and participation: the case of teachers in Denmark and New Zealand
Employees' participation in decision making at work is often identified as a key element in work environment quality. In this comparative case study, the focus is on teachers' work in Denmark and Zealand. The substantial variations in work environment quality found across four schools are shown to be associated with corresponding differences in participation. In particular, perceived work environment quality is associated with collective and representative forms of participation. Source : Knudsen, Herman ; Markey, Raymond. Industrial Relations Journal, 2013, vol. 44, no 1, p.38-56. http...

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