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Pilot fatigue
Relationships with departure and arrival times, flight duration, and direction INTRODUCTION: Flight timing is expected to influence pilot fatigue because it determines the part of the circadian body clock cycle that is traversed during a flight. However the effects of flight timing are not well-characterized because field studies typically focus on specific flights with a limited range of departure times and have small sample sizes. The present project combined data from four studies, including 13 long-range and ultra-long range out-and-back trips across a range of departure and arrival times ...
The effect of external non-driving factors, payment type and waiting and queuing on fatigue in long distance trucking
INTRODUCTION : The aim of this study was to explore the effects of external influences on long distance trucking, in particular, incentive-based remuneration systems and the need to wait or queue to load or unload on driver experiences of fatigue. METHODS : Long distance truck drivers (n=475) were recruited at truck rest stops on the major transport corridors within New South Wales, Australia and asked to complete a survey by self-administration or interview. The survey covered demographics, usual working arrangements, details of the last trip and safety outcomes including fatigue experiences....
The Effects of Commuting on Pilot Fatigue
Nearly everyone experiences fatigue, but some professions--such as aviation, medicine and the military--demand alert, precise, rapid, and well-informed decision making and communication with little margin for error. The potential for fatigue to negatively affect human performance is well established. Concern about this potential in the aviation context extends back decades, with both airlines and pilots agreeing that fatigue is a safety concern. A more recent consideration is whether and how pilot commuting, conducted in a pilot's off-duty time, may affect fatigue during flight duty. Source...
A review of workplace transport safety and HSE commissioned work on manual handling and delivery of goods
The Heath and Safety Laboratory (HSL) was approached by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Workplace Transport programme to carry out a general literature review in the area of workplace transport safety. After discussions to establish the scope of the work, the project team identified that, for completeness of information, a review concerning the related aspect of manual handling and delivery of goods should also be included. This report presents the results of the literature review in the areas of a) workplace transport safety, and b) manual handling and delivery of goods. Source : http:/...
Activités, expérience et santé à l’épreuve des évolutions du travail : recherches dans quatre secteurs professionnels
Ce rapport de recherche présente les exposés et débats de l’édition 2007 du séminaire « Ages et travail » organisé par le Créapt. Le thème retenu en 2007 était :« Activités, expérience et santé à l’épreuve des évolutions du travail : recherches dans quatre secteurs professionnels ». Ces quatre secteurs sont la santé, le transport ferroviaire, la métallurgie et l’agriculture.

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