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Safe Employment Integration of Recent Immigrants and Refugees
This study examined the employment preparation and work experiences of recent immigrants and refugees in Ontario, Canada, to determine key resource needs and opportunities related to safe work integration. In-depth interviews were conducted with 22 service providers, program developers, and policy-makers from the immigration and employment fields. Eighteen focus groups were held with 110 recent immigrants and refugees who were looking for work or who had recently found work. An exploratory qualitative approach was used to collect and analyze the data. First jobs were often characterized by precarity...
Guide de bonnes pratiques pour favoriser l'embauche, le maintien et le retour en emploi des travailleurs expérimentés
L'embauche, le maintien et le retour en emploi des travailleurs expérimentés sont une partie de la solution à la rareté attendue de la main-d'œuvre, d'autant plus que ces travailleurs montrent déjà une tendance à être de plus en plus actifs sur le marché du travail. En effet, l'un des faits marquants qui se dégagent des tendance du marché du travail depuis un certain nombre d'années est la hausse continue de la participation des travailleurs expérimentés. Après la vague...
Differences in safety training among smaller and larger construction firms with non-native workers
Evidence of overlapping vulnerabilities Collaborative efforts between the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) led to a report focusing on overlapping occupational vulnerabilities, specifically small construction businesses employing young, non-native workers. Following the report, an online survey was conducted by ASSE with construction business representatives focusing on training experiences of non-native workers. Results were grouped by business size (50 or fewer employees or more than 50 employees). Smaller businesses...
Workplace interventions to improve work ability
A systematic review and meta-analysis of their effectiveness Objective: Extended working lives due to an ageing population will necessitate the maintenance of work ability across the life course. This systematic review aimed to analyze whether workplace interventions positively impact work ability. Methods: We searched Medline, PsycINFO, CINAHL and Embase databases using relevant terms. Work-based interventions were those focused on individuals, the workplace, or multilevel (combination). Work ability – measured using the work ability index (WAI) or the single-item work ability score (WAS...

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