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Organizational practices for learning with work accidents throughout their information cycle
Research has acknowledged the relevance of accident information for prevention and learning and the need for companies to develop a reporting and learning culture. Few studies have approached this issue by comparing the different learning strategies used by companies. The aim of this study is to explore how companies use accident information and to develop strategies for learning from accidents, which cover all the learning cycle phases by: (a) identifying learning patterns across company and activity sectors, (b) checking for potential differences among certified and non-certified companies. Seventeen...
A framework for learning from incidents in the workplace
Learning from Incidents (LFI) in the workplace has been gaining increasing importance in the Health, Safety and Environment context. Although organisations adopt a variety of LFI initiatives, it is often unclear what learning approaches are the most appropriate and the most effective for different types of incidents across a range of contexts. The aim of the paper is to surface factors that are important for effective Learning from Incidents (LFI). The paper builds on a conceptual framework for learning from incidents, developed through an earlier study. This conceptual framework was validated...
Risk leadership and organisational type
The anecdotal experience of new entrants in the UK offshore industry is that they are not, as a group, safer or less safe than established organisations. Similarly, the organisational arrangements that are sometimes associated with new entrants - such as the separation of ownership and operation - are not clearly less safe than more traditional arrangements. What seems to matter more is a deeper capacity to make chosen ways of organising work. This particularly involves being 'rigorous': not just developing effective safety practices but dealing with the by-products and side-effects of...
Vaste enquête sur le stress au travail chez France Telecom
Le cabinet Technologia, déjà intervenu au technocentre de Renault Guyancourt après une série de suicides en 2008, va entamer une enquête auprès des salariés de France Télécom. Cette enquête va être menée sur la base des questionnaires de mesure du stress de Karasek et Siegrist, mais aussi sur les modèles propres au cabinet. Source:

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